Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents / Guardians, please see letter from the principal dd 30 March 2020 regarding the current situation.  Please access the letter as follows:

a.    Click on the link “Enrolment  & Other Documents to download”;

b.    Scroll down to “2020 Newsletters & Information” and select the letter.

Thank you for your continued support, keep safe and healthy during this time.


Dear Parents / Guardians

Please see letter regarding the closing of our school due to the President’s speech made last night, 15 March 2020.  To access the letter, please click on the link “Enrolment & Other Documents to Download” .

We will keep you updated via our website and Facebook page.  Should you need to contact us during this time, please e-mail me on ny007@telkomsa.net

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation in these challenging times.  Kind Regards, Nic Young (Principal)


Dear Parents / Guardians

At this stage the Western Cape is still free from the Coronavirus.  We have however put some information on our website regarding this highly contagious illness as we feel that everybody should be educated as much as possible to minimize the risk of infection.  This information can be found under the link “Enrolment and Other Documents for download”. Please ensure that you teach your child / children how to exercise good hygiene to minimize the risk of also catching the common cold / flu, and in so doing keeping the environment as clean as possible.  By working together we can ensure that we have done everything possible to protect ourselves.

Kind regards,

Nic Young


June 2019 Examinations

Dear Parents / Guardians

The timetables for the June 2019 exams are now available on our website.  Please ensure that your child starts studying early so that they he / she is well prepared.

To access the timetables, click on the link at the top of the page “News & Updates” and download the relevant timetable from the “Exams & Test Timetables” link.

We wish all our learners success with their exams!

Parent meeting Gr1-12 parents

Dear Parents / Guardians, herewith a friendly reminder of our first Parent meeting for 2018 which will take place on Thursday evening 1 February 2018 at 18:30.  We would like to start promptly and will be finished by 19:30.  As per the Contract of Tuition, all parents need to attend these meetings.  Thank you that we can rely on your support in the education of your child / children.