Newsletters & Re-enrolment forms

Dear Parents / Guardians, please see communication i.r.o. the above matters for your attention. These can be found under the link “Enrolment forms, Newsletters & other documents for download”

4 thoughts on “Newsletters & Re-enrolment forms”

    1. Good morning, the pricing structure is on our Application for learner enrolment which is available on our website. Kind regards, ECA

  1. Good morning. Is it possible if you can send me more information about your school and how can I apply for next year for my child she ‘ll be in grade 4?

    1. Good morning, thank you for your enquiry. Our fee structure is on the application for learner enrolment which can be found on our website, under the link “Forms and other documents for download”. You can also contact our junior administrator on Kind regards, ECA

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