Our Staff

Mr. Nic Young



Mrs Liz Taylor

Senior Administration

High School Administrator Gr7-12; Text Books

Mrs Olivia Young

Finance; Aftercare administration

Mr N. Marange

Vice Principal Primary School; Educator

Mrs Terry McEvoy

Administrator – Grades 1-6; Uniforms

Mrs. T. Phipps

Mr. R. Bateira

Mr Foaad Felix

Mr James Frazer

Vice Principal High School; Educator

Miss Lynette Carroll

Miss T. Luck – Aftercare

Miss L. Young

Miss J. Esterhuizen

Ms. F. Mukande

Miss L. Arendse

Miss B. Rodrigues

Miss M. Davids

Mrs. M. Wagener

HOD FET Phase; Educator

Mr. E. Chuma

Mrs. A. Watt

Mr. M. Abasalie

Ms. L. Chiteky

Miss J. O’Ryan

HOD Foundation Phase; Educator

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