Revised date for opening of school for 3rd Term

Dear Parents / Guardians

Please refer to Parent letter dated 30 June 2021 regarding the revised opening date for school for the 3rd Term.  Letter can be found under the link “Enrolment forms, newletters and other documents for downloading”.

The register teachers will also be e-mailing this letter to all parents and it will also be sent out via the school’s D6 App.

Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times and keep safe.


Parent letter 28 May 2020

Dear Parents / Guardians

A newsletter dd 28 May 2020 regarding the re-opening of our school has been uploaded under the link “Enrolment forms & Other Documents to Download”. Please take the time to read this so that you can be kept up to date on the current situation.  Your ongoing support during this time is appreciated, Thank you

Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents / Guardians, please see letter from the principal dd 30 March 2020 regarding the current situation.  Please access the letter as follows:

a.    Click on the link “Enrolment  & Other Documents to download”;

b.    Scroll down to “2020 Newsletters & Information” and select the letter.

Thank you for your continued support, keep safe and healthy during this time.